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Guard Tour Patrol Device

A Guard tour patrol system is a system for logging the rounds of employees in a variety of situations such as Security Guards patrolling property, It helps ensure that the employee makes his or her appointed rounds at the correct intervals and can offer a virtually indisputable record for legal or insurance reasons.

You will certainly increase productivity in other spheres of your business aside security alertness. Some notable usages include:

  • Hotel and hospital housekeeping logging
  • Verification of patients being attended in hospitals by nursing staff
  • Provide due diligence reports for retail slip & fall liability reduction
  • Monitoring staff working outside of normal business hours for accurate extra hour(s) compensations

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Computer and Accessories

We proud partners with all the popular brands you can trust. All your office wares; Computers-Desktop & Laptops, Toners, Printers etc. We deal in Dell, HP, Sony & Compaq products. We have all your favorite LaserJet Printers and their respective toners. Buy all your external hard drives and pen drives from us today.

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Cleaning Machine Supplies

Having good quality cleaning tools and machines is one step ahead of excellent cleaning. We have in stock world's leading brands of floor scrubbers, vacuum machines, glass cleaning tools, assorted scrubbing brushes, polishing pads, protective gears etc`. Visit us today for free advice on which machine best suits your home or office.

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